I don't care what I wear...

We have all heard that or said that at some point but truth be told we have to pick what to wear and how to wear anything each and everyday. That in itself is a fashion statement...

Lets dig right into fashion.

What is fashion?

What a statement on fashion in the above video?

I can definitely say that the first thing that popped in your head was clothing.

Do you remember the 80s trend? How about the 90s ? Well, we are far past that but the influence is still timeless.

How about the 90s or 80s music? The era of zilizopendwa in Kenya or the times of Dolly Patron to mention just but these two?

The era of listening to blues or radio stations and sending dedications at night? Oh i remember the times of pocket radios in boarding schools in Kenya, man that is completely gone with the wind.

Did I mention the era of nokia 3310? I bet the snake in the phone has already grown old, but technology has found a way to make better phones everyday.

What is trending in your town or city lately?

Fashion can be defined as a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior. For example, most businessmen and or women wear suits to relate and or fit in with that style and statement. It can also be considered a unique method of doing something(s) Like how you do business, how we or other similar sites do their articles, arriving at events, asking for particular brands.

In simple, fashion is art and you are the artist so how it trends depends entirely on you.

Who influences fashion?

Like stated above, fashion and art are very close so it depends on how creative you can be to stand out. But over the years, public figures have been known to influence what most people wear, the brands and how they represent themselves.

Now anyone can become a fashion mogul thanks to social media and personal confidence in any fashion.

A far bigger fashion or just tradition turned fashion is culture. Culture has held up her position in the fashion industry since the dawn of time, just sometimes being swept by modern trends and resurfacing based on location of public figures making it a trend.

How can you be fashionable?

Fashion is a way to tell a story about the person wearing it. To be able to tell your story, you have to own it and live it.

May be we need to change the question to what are you confident in? Own it, share it and use it to help yourself and influence positivity in others.

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What do you think of fashion?

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